I am a firm believer that wedding days matter. That moment when you see your future spouse for the first time on your big day is one that makes my heart leap every time. The sentiment of being surrounded by the people who matter most in your lives is important and fleeting. Because of this, I work to make sure that those moments are free from stress and worry. You have invested your time, treasure, and smiles in this day and I will be your moral support and cheerleader to make sure you have the opportunity to delight in the details!

Please contact for a custom consultation and pricing.

Oh Hello will be there to make sure things run smoothly. This service is ideal for the couple that wants to choose and implement their own details, but wants their wedding to occur without a hitch. I will rally the wedding party, keep the vendors in tip top shape, and make sure there are no worries floating your way.

This is the perfect service for the couple that desires a unique wedding, wants to be involved in the planning, and doesn’t mind crafting some of their own little details. I will guide you through the planning process and help you choose the vendors and details that will express your vision.

Oh Hello will take your ideas, refine your wedding vision, and implement it so that your imaginations are blown away. This comprehensive styling package is for the couple that desires a wedding like they’ve never attended before. With unlimited meetings, chat sessions, and daydream- worthy details, I will make your wedding unforgettable.