A New Oh Hello Partnership

I’m so excited to share the news that Oh Hello Events is partnering with Ever After Vintage Weddings to offer our day-of coordination services to their design + styling clients! Ever After is owned by multi-talented stylist, Cassandra, who has curated an amazing collection of goods with which she styles gorgeous and unique weddings. Among her details are upholstered furniture, farm tables, mix and match vintage and modern china, props, and textiles. Ever After has been an amazing resource to Oh Hello clients in the past & I can’t wait to collaborate more in the future! To kick off our new partnership, Cassandra designed a styled shoot for us & two of our assistants, Jenn C. & Lucy! 

Oh Hello Events and Ever After Vintage Weddings Tampa Wedding Planning and Design

The pretty details were captured by Lucyna Aleksandra Portraits at Forty-Two Ten, a new event space in South Tampa. The tiny donuts were by Mini Donut Factory & the blooms were by Marigold Flower Co. of Carrollwood Florist. 

Tampa Wedding Planning and Design by Oh Hello Events and Ever After Vintage Weddings

This styled shoot is the perfect example of Cassandra's elegant but approachable signature style. She often uses asymmetrical textiles, mixed china, colored glassware, layered textures, fruit, sweets, and the perfect metallic - in this case, copper! 

Tampa St. Pete Wedding Planning and Design

I wanted to share a little bit of Cassandra’s enthusiasm & personality so I interviewed her below and she asked me the same questions on her blog. We’re total opposites in a lot of ways - maybe that’s why we work together so well! 

J: What is your favorite color palette?
C: I think I am really drawn to any pastel color palette!  Especially if gold is involved!!

J: What sort of things inspire you the most?
C: Traditions, and nostalgic sights and smells.  I am very inspired by things that bring people together and create memories.  I also find myself inspired by things with interesting or fun texture.

J: What do you love most about being a wedding designer?
C: Honestly I love all of it!  It just feels like a real honor to be apart of making some ones happily ever after day come true!

Oh Hello Events and Ever After Vintage Weddings Tampa Wedding Planning and Design

J: Describe yourself in 5 words.
C: goofy, approachable, creative, dedicated and energetic.

J: Name one food you can not live without.
C: Cheese!

J: Beach or Mountains?
C: Mountains

J: If you were to design your dream wedding, what would it look like?
C: OH fun! I often like to dream about how I would do things if I got married again! I would wear some sorta lacy comfy boho style dress, with braided pig tails in my hair! Colors would be lots of white, with maybe some blush or peach. Everyone would gather around in celebration during a short ceremony instead of being seated. There would be lots of greenery and lovely flowers, but NO daisies or sunflowers! We would have a tea bar of the finest teas full of amazing aroma. Everyone would sit at long farm tables with beautifully coordinated vintage china. Dinner would be served in lots of tiny courses with lots of variety! There would be board games, with mandatory participation in fun games hahaha. I think some sorta funny vintage photo booth would need to be involved. We would chat and laugh about stories of one another with goodbye hugs.

Tampa St. Pete Wedding Planning and Design by Oh Hello Events and Ever After Vintage Weddings

J: If you could have lunch with one creative, who would it be & what would you order?
C: I tried really really hard to think of someone, but I honestly don't feel myself drawn to any one particular person. I am always willing to enjoy afternoon tea though with any creative who shares the interest!

J: Your business' theme song?
C: Oh wow that is REALLY hard since I am so picky about music. It's pretty much limited to select oldies and emo, and since The Used "The Bird and The Worm", Or Dusty Springfield "You Don't Own Me" probably would not be good picks, I guess I will pick not just a song, but specifically a scene from a movie. The intro from the movie Corky Romano! Corky is driving to work in his yellow convertible singing "Take on Me" by A-Ha oblivious to the negativity around him, in his own little world. I like that scene. I think I will pick that.

Oh Hello Events and Ever After Vintage Weddings

J: Name one odd tool you keep in your wedding bag of tricks.
C: White and black spray paint!

J: Favorite part of a wedding? 
C: Aside from the flowers? I love seeing and hearing about the true emotion brought on by the day. The groom crying, the crazy dance moves from great grandma! Where else can you experience these things?! 

Oh Hello Events and Ever After Vintage Weddings

J: Name one thing you think brides often forget during the wedding design process.
C: Who they are. I would say, take a moment to look around you, look at what is important to you and your significant other. Your wedding should be a reflection both of you as a couple. Don't let hours of Pinterest influence you. You would be surprised how many Pinterest boards I see that over the course of time change from one trend to another multiple times. If your pintrest board goes from an elegant ball room Gatsby wedding, to a backyard barque to a seaside boho colorful wedding, you probably need to step away from the computer and start again.

Oh Hello Events and Ever After Vintage Weddings
Oh Hello Events & Ever After Vintage Weddings | Tampa Wedding Planning and Design
Ever After Vintage Weddings and Oh Hello Events
Oh Hello Events and Ever After Vintage Weddings Tampa St. Pete Wedding Planners and Designers
Oh Hello Events and Ever After Vintage Weddings | Tampa St. Pete Florida Wedding Planners and Designers

I'm thrilled about this new collaboration & I can't wait to share all of the work we do together. Thank you to Cassandra, Jenn C., and Lucy for the fun afternoon. Cheers to many more! <3