L&A:: Oxford Exchange Wedding

On April fool's day, I had the honor of coordinating the wedding of Lauren & Aly at Oxford Exchange. This one was unique because Lauren & I went to the same high school. A secret I will reveal to you:: I was painfully, out of control shy until I started college. I spoke to my 4 BFFs who were more like sisters, and that's about it. Everyone outside of the core four probably thought I was mute, so I didn't have the fun of knowing Lauren when we were kids. When her sweet Aly proposed to her, they thought to reach out to me because of Facebook & because we had reunited at a high school event a couple of years prior. They were doing some serious research and met with a whole bunch of planners before we made it official over a cup of coffee at Buddy Brew. 

By the time they found me and chose Oh Hello, they had selected Oxford Exchange as their wedding venue & Marc Edwards as their photographer. From there, they enlisted me to help them with some of the details - selecting FH Weddings & designing their invitations & day of stationery. The real treat was getting to know them along the way. Aly is a Dr. & Lauren is a nurse, so their jobs are legit intense. But, these two know how to have fun. They met at Gasparilla, have a little doggy named Parlay, and Lauren describes Aly as mischievous when she's ready to have a good time. She said she gets a little twinkle in her eye & then you better watch out. This was evident at the wedding when Aly did the worm in her insanely gorgeous gown. Lauren can tell a story like a boss- beginning, middle, end, all the juicy details & little dramas. These two have quickly become my friends and I can't wait to see how amazing their future is together. 

Enjoy their day & be jealous you were not there - from their touching vows to their crazy coordinated fool's rush in first dance, it really was one of the most fun celebrations I have witnessed. xo.