Oh Hello // Oh Hell No

In college, I was a resident advisor and at our weekly meetings we would go around in a circle and discuss something we were excited about that week and something that was bumming us out. It was that perfect mix of self-indulgent college naval gazing and fun little obsessions that I still kinda love. SO - if I can keep my act together, I'm going to blog my favorite & least favorite things happening in my life, the world, and beyond as a series called OH HELLO // OH HELL NO.  Say it out loud a few times, it's really fun.

Bust Magazine Cover


  • Wet Hot American Summer:: First Day of Camp came out on Netflix today, and that's AH-mazing news to any fan of the movie or alt. comedy. OR Paul Rudd, Amy Poehler, The State, Bradley Cooper, et al. 
  • How cute is Jenny Slate on the cover of BUST? It's my favorite magazine & their cover design is always perfect.
  • Iron & Wine and Ben Bridwell's new album of covers, 'Sing into my Mouth' is so good.
  • This morning, I got to participate in Wedding World Changer Day with Black Sheep Bride -- we cut our jeans into templates that will create shoes for Sole Hope  and it was the perfect opportunity to do a little something to give back.
  • After Wedding World Changer day, I popped into The Blind Tiger and had a pretty amazing latte & fresh bananananana bread. Loved it, wish I lived closer, would be there constantly.

OH HELL NO (not as fun to write, but good to know what's up)

  • Cecil the Lion's sad departure is so disheartening, and that guy deserves all the heat that is coming his way. His violent act was greedy, sad, selfish, and frustrating. It's strange the viral response - some people are angry that people are angry? On the whole, too much anger. too much violence. period. Mob justice & public shaming are scary things, but in this case, I truly hope it's an avenue for change. 
  • Will it ever stop raining???
  • TWICE last week, I encountered/was near two wrong way drivers on 275. First, a car was one car away from me - thank goodness there was no accident, but it was very bizarre to see a car facing you on the highway. The second was just a warning. The sign on the highway said:: Wrong way driver alert - Use EXTREME CAUTION. So, that's it -- everyone just use extreme caution all the time.  

Oh goodbye, folks - have a nice weekend!