New! from Matrick and Eve:: Vol. 3

We recently wrapped a new catalog for Matrick and Eve, which includes some of my new designs and photos I styled with my friend, Angel He Photography behind the lens. It's tough to say how much goes into creating catalogs for Matrick and Eve -- at this very moment, our press is running & printing through the night to get them in the hands of all of our retailers. Like donuts- round the clock, hot & fresh cats off the press.   

Laying out the catalog is no small feet either. There's 140 pages with about 8-12 designs per page. That's what we in the biz call a gazillion designs. Antoinette, our lead designer, is the only one I know with the patience to lay out all of the product and images. When you lay out a book that big, your InDesign crashes - often - and it takes about 35 minutes to export. Worth it in the end, to have the hard copy in your hands and see work from the entire team in one pretty portfolio. 

I can't wait to see what this catalog brings... our last catalog landed us in Paper-Source, Francesca's, Sur la Table, and over 300 boutiques in the USofA. I've gotten to visit several of the stores on my travels - Denver, Rhode Island, Los Angeles, Atlanta - it never gets old.

Here are some of my favorite products & snaps from the new volume::