Flamingo Themed Baby Shower

One of my best friends, Carly, is having her first baby within the next couple of weeks & I can't believe it's already here! I'm going to have a new, tiny BFF, and I can't wait. Carly is going to be a great mom. I know this because she does her research, she's really patient and she's a very safe driver. That's all it takes, right?? Her husband Steve is pretty together too, so I think they're going to do just swell. 

I had the fun of throwing Carly a shower along with her sweet sisters & mom and our friend Angel of Angel He Photography captured the day for us. There was glitter... and donuts... and flamingos, so perfect. I designed the invites & had them printed by Invitation Consultants. Then, I called up Marie at Hands on Sweets and asked for something glimmery.... she delivered with the cutest cake & she gave me little pots of edible gold glitter. It took all of my effort NOT to glitter the cheese platter or mini croissant sandwiches - I had to stop at the donuts.

The Oh Hello husband was on hand to help hang things, and take the kids in attendance to the park... He's so good to my friends and I think that Spice Girls song was inspired by him. So, slam your body down and wind it all around, it's baby shower time::