The Oh Hello Girl Gang

I want to kick off this holiday weekend with a huge thank you to the Oh Hello Girl Gang. It takes more than one to successfully coordinate a wedding, and these two contribute in innumerable ways. Bonus- they are both named Jen(n) (like moi!). Get to know the Jenns a bit better::

Oh Hello Girl Gang

JENN C:: This girl is a jill of all trades. She is a talented newborn and family photographer, seamstress who designs and sews her own clothes, she can sing like a birdie, curse like a sailor (in really inventive ways!), and drive a stick shift! OH clients appreciate Jenn's warm personality, big smile, and resourcefulness. You must check out her photography, Jenn Carroll Photography

Oh Hello Events Girl Gang

JENNY Z:: This girl has been by my side for over a decade. We were roommates and co-workers in college and have been best friends through it all. We're family at this point, and I am so proud to call her my partner in crime. Jenn has a very serious career and uses Oh Hello Events as an outlet to work on celebratory moments. At weddings, she is our timeline manager and she always knows what's up next. Our couples appreciate her professionalism and calm demeanor. I wish I could divulge more of her accomplishments, but you will have to trust me that she makes a positive difference in the world around us. All that, and she can make me laugh harder than anyone (mostly by making fun of her).

Oh Hello Girl Gang

Last, but not least, honorary girl gang member Cassandra of Ever After Vintage Weddings, who was kind enough to take these photos of us at Saint Leo University (Jenn Z's and my alma mater). Thank you so much, Cassandra! xoxo.