Oh Hello Birthday! CHA CHA CHA

Yesterday was Oh Hello Events' 1st Birthday! YEA! 

When I decided to launch Oh Hello, I set some modestly ambitious goals and I am so thrilled to have gotten the opportunity to cross some of them off the list. They were related to what you may expect - book weddings at certain venues, have my work published, and most importantly-  make my clients happy. The goal I never vocalized, but am so happy came as a result of the above, was to find my tribe. One year in, I've met some of the wonderful and creative people. Women (and a few men) who believe in themselves, are generous, thoughtful, and smart-smart-smart. 

Oh Hello Events Turns ONE

As I head into year two, I have new goals. I have a folder in my inbox labeled 'Smart Girls Who want to Work for Oh Hello'. It's full of recent graduates and curious, clever women who have reached out to me over the past year for opportunities. It's my goal this year to make an opportunity a reality for someone else.

I also want to continue to work on my styling skills, attend a workshop, figure out a way to tie philanthropy directly into the Oh Hello mission, and this is a weird one- strengthen the ole' body of mine. Some of you in the inner circle know I have a busted shoulder. I gotta fix it so I can move those tables, chairs, carry stuff, and style away. 

So, thank you to everyone who has been a friend to OH this year! I can't wait to see what's up next.
Photo above:: Care of the incomprable Jessica Charles Photography! Jess is so talented, but even her wonder skills can't hide my split ends. Year One led to a bit of neglect of my personal cute-ifying. Letting my hair grow out, failing to put makeup on my face, sometimes not even blow drying my hair before running out the door at 6 a.m. almost every day. No regrets! Rather have a thriving little business than unchipped nail polish ;)