7 Years

This past week, I celebrated 7 years of working at Invitation Consultants. Not a milestone number but 7 years is some serious time, my friends- it's a bit over 14,000 hours. Wowza. 

Some of my vendor friends and clients have been curious about what my role is there, what it has to do with Oh Hello, and how I balance them both. To start, I'm currently serving part time as Invitation Consultants and Matrick and Eve's Creative Director. Matrick and Eve is our new wholesale line of stationery + gifts that is quickly spreading throughout the states in over 100 shops. I love walking into a boutique and seeing something our team created- it's a true trip. 

As Creative Director, I manage the team of graphic designers, maintain over 10,000 items on the IC website, design new products, and sometimes jump in to help serve clients in our Design Studio and Shop in South Tampa. I also do tons of random things- most recently, I painted a mural on our building, made us a little Ikea succulent garden, styled a photoshoot with Angel He Photography, and brainstormed a new Creative Business Printing Program- more on that last guy later. 

Working with the fine folks at IC allows me to curate Oh Hello in a way that I may not get to otherwise. Being their Creative Director while exploring opportunities for Oh Hello makes me feel quite lucky. I spend a lot of time there, but still have the flexibility to devote myself to my clients and make sure I'm exceeding their expectations. 

So, what gets sacrificed in all this workity-work? Well, blogging for OH for one thing. The biggest challenge is playing Jenga with my calendar. Clients come first, so sometimes I have to forgo a networking event or hanging with friends. I also have to skip some of my creative endeavors- the just for fun, styled projects list I want to complete is super long at the moment. I'm going to get to them though, and they'll be better off for having simmered.

Below, I've shared some of our fresh designs I styled for Angel He Photography to capture, and a couple of photos of Antoinette (one of our killer designers) & me in our studio. Please come by and visit us:: 4062 Henderson Boulevard, Tampa, Florida.

Matrick and Eve Stationery Styled by Oh Hello Events:: photo by Angel He Photography
Matrick and Eve Stationery styled by Oh Hello Events:: photo by Angel He Photography
Matrick and Eve Holiday Cards styled by Oh Hello Events:: photo by Angel He Photography

There's this saying "Don't rest on your laurels...decorate with them." That describes the IC team to a tee. Would you believe we've been part of thousands upon thousands of celebrations for wonderful people all over the US and abroad? THOUSANDS. On top of it, we've worked with The Emmy's, MTV, FOX, Jay Z, Preston Bailey, Fortune 500 Corporations, and countless special NPO's. That's... you know, just another day in this office. I'm not sure I'll ever get used to it.

Matrick and Eve Studio:: photo by Angel He Photography
Matrick and Eve Studio:: photo by Angel He Photography

I want to say a huge, huge thank you to the team at Invitation Consultants and Matrick and Eve::
Allison, Olivier, Antoinette, Kyle, Courtney, Brittany, Amy, Lucy, Kaity, KellyAnn, Audrey, Jamie, Becki, Shawn and Barb. These folks are some of my favorite, and they've made my past seven years something to be proud of. 

Outside of that, I want to thank my current Oh Hello clients for being totally down for working with a Creative Director & for being so supportive and into my projects - whether it's by Instagram, Facebook, or texting, I'm always surprised by those who are paying attention. Oh Hello is the best thing I've ever taken a risk on, and I'm so excited to see what OH will be up to 7, 10, however many years from now.