By The Way They Dance

Seven years ago today, my husband and I said our vows in front of our family and friends and it's incredibly hard to believe how many things we have celebrated and experienced between then and now. 


Some of my clients and fellow wedding vendors have been curious about what my wedding was like, and I always have to explain that I got married young (21), right after graduating college. My wedding was the first one I had ever attended and I had a very limited idea of what I was doing. The result of which was a pretty traditional wedding with a Catholic ceremony officiated by my great uncle on my father's side, and a ballroom reception with a ridiculous amount of dancing. Between my family and my husband's, I can honestly say it was the best party I've ever seen. There were some quirky elements - we entered our reception via glass elevator to The Final Countdown by Europe- but no Martha-worthy details or Style Me Pretty publications for me. It's something I understand and accept now. I could not be more grateful for the day my parents gifted to John and I. And that leads me to the important part...

What I've learned in these past seven years of marriage is that we continually commit to each other, so while vows are an incredibly special and inherent element in a wedding celebration, they're not the most important part. I know some may argue me on this, but I know that on that day, we had every single beloved person to us in the same room at the same time. It's lightning in a bottle having your friends and family simultaneously celebrating and having a good time. We were just an inciting event that caused that wonderful moment. Weddings are just as much about the guests as they are the couple and this is why I started Oh Hello Events. 

We lost John's mom to breast cancer a few days before our third wedding anniversary, four years ago. It was a ten month battle, and in the end, I was incredibly angry at the world. Time heals these kind of wounds and this kind of anger, but never completely. She's pictured above on the bottom right, with John's Dad. I cannot emphasize how FUN this woman was. She was smart, self assured, told amazing stories, and could charm anyone. She had the very best friends, and she was each and every one of their favorites. We won't get to celebrate with her again, and when I think of our wedding, I think of that. 

So, John and I make vows all the time. Not out loud, but when he bugs the heck out of me, I don't walk away. When I make a mess or get all dramatic, he stays put. These are vows because we love each other, this is marriage, and our wedding day was about more than just us. It was about the party, the memories, and everyone there who will fill our lives for as long as possible.

Peony photo by Shay Cochrane | By The Way They Dance by Jump, Little Children was our first dance.