It's no secret what my favorite type of social media is. It's Instagram, hands down. Instagram is where all of the pretty hangs out. Gets to know other pretty. Throws pretty little mixers.

It can be tough to keep up when creatives are posting constant, gorgeous content, so I do encourage you to always remember that we post our favorite, brightest moments on Instagram. "Don't compare yourself to strangers on the internet" is a quote & print floating around the blogs right now, and it should be in the little terms & conditions of Instagram.  

The photos above are some of my favorites. In the top left, my husband and I had the opportunity to volunteer for the annual Fashion Funds the Cure event benefiting The Pediatric Cancer Foundation. The event was insanely beautiful - a group of courageous young girls who are currently in treatment or have recently beat cancer walked down a runway in outfits that they picked out. You could see them glowing- they were so, so excited. The event raised over 100K to support cancer research, and it was humbling to be able to help in even the tiniest way. 

Top right and bottom right are invitations & save the dates for a couple of creative Oh Hello clients. Top right is all about vintage gardens, and the bottom right is throwing a rustic bash of a wedding in October. Can't wait for either, and will continue to 'gram their details along the way. Finally, the bottom left is just my favorite mug. Just because.

So, I invite you to follow along with me!  
::Have a lovely weekend::