What I'm Up To!


Oh Hello Events is the new girl in town, no doubt about that, but some good (nay, great!) things are starting to happen and I don't want to forget the feeling and excitement of any of it. So, I'm going to start sharing what I'm up to and why I'm up to it from time to time. The largest reason and inspiration for this comes from one of my favorite musicians, Josh Ritter. Ritter suffered a strange heath scare two years ago and subsequently blogged about it. I still read this blog from time to time, because it always reminds me of some pretty important stuff. My favorite except: "You see, making a living doing something you love isn’t only about making a living (in fact for many that’s not even a possibility) its about making a life." So, let me tell about this little life that's being created. 

CLIENTS! - Some of my favorite client moments from the past two weeks have been Liz + Geno's laugh filled cake tasting, designing Sarah + Morgan's save the dates, and doing a ton of vendor scouting while trying to envision their rustic, vibrant, and fun day. Sarah + Morgan have some weird taste, like me. Bill Murray (on cars, on baby's shirts, in films, everywhere), sword fighting with umbrellas, etc. I'm loving getting to know these good people. 

SHOOTS! - My Old World Florida styled photo shoot was blogged by Grey Likes Weddings. This was a collaboration between my friends Katie of Catherine Ann Photography, Stephanie of B. Moore ARTistry and myself. Katie and Steph are fast friends. When we met, we immediately identified things we have in common (creative tastes, mostly) and then planned to create something vintage, warm, authentic, and fun. Steph plays matchmaker in most situations (we all love her for it), and she hooked us up with many of the other vendors. The venue was Weeki Wachee Springs, an idyllic (kind of odd ball place), from my childhood. Please take a peek at the shoot on Grey Likes Weddings and spread the name of all of the artists involved- they're all generous with their time and talents, and I'm so grateful for them. Our 2nd shoot, a lovey-dovey Valentine's concept, is being published in February, so stay tuned! 

A PRACTICAL WEDDING! - I'm currently reading A Practical Wedding by Meg Keene, because to be honest I'm tackling some big bad questions about the cost of weddings, the practicality of planning, and how to create beautifully authentic days. I'm also daydreaming of ways to help Oh Hello promote sustainable weddings. Ones that are kind to the environment, kind to the guests, hosts, and creative teams behind them. Lots more on this later, but I can assure you this is going to ebb the direction of Oh Hello in a serious way. 

NETWORKING! - The word networking has such a businessman-synergy-corporate ring to it, so I'm going to call this FRIENDMAKING! NACE has introduced me to some ridiculously talented vendors who I admire and can't wait to work with. Outside of NACE, I've had some lovely coffee dates, beer nights, and ice skating parties to attend through WEP Tampa and just through random email chats. I'm hoping to plan my own little get together with an Oh Hello spin on it (craft? picnic? game night?). It's coming, so if you're a vendor, stay tuned. 

PERSONAL! - This morning I was being a complete baby and texting John links to all concerts within a 200 mile radius that I wanted to go to. He got the hint, and purchased a pretty pair of tickets to Iron and Wine in February. Man, I needed to see some music and now it's happening. Last week, my niece and I celebrated her 7th birthday with a sleepover. We painted pottery, went for pizza, and watched Big Top Peewee (a bizarre, delightful film). Finally, I donated about 50% of my clothing right before Christmas. It was time for me to purge a little bit, and share some pieces with those who might need a bit of pretty in their lives. My mom came over on Sunday and after shopping my closet, asked how I wasn't walking around naked. It's pretty empty in there, so I bought a pair of pants- hoorah! The way to this girl's heart is through pants that fit her butt. 

Have a great evening & a lovely little weekend. xo.


Pink bows via Paper Chase.  Quotation via Pinterest (original source lost in the rabbit hole)