Behind the Oh Hello Branding

As a design fiend, I was so excited, but hesitant, about exploring the Oh Hello Events branding. I've been hunting blogs and beautiful companies for so many years, have so many favorites, and felt nervous about committing to a voice. It felt like a decision that had to be made with a little research but not TOO much research, because then I would be in a loop. Some of the brides I've spoken to have these feelings about their weddings. We tend to assign so much meaning to certain decisions and can often miss the underlying importance of big moments, and even little moments of grace. 

After a lot of searching, I was lucky to stumble on the design team of Red Met Yellow. Red Met Yellow is comprised of Megan + Meghan, a duo who have curated a really stunning portfolio full of like-minded, yet diverse brands. I knew they were a great fit when they wrote emails as detailed as mine are. You can't beat a well thought out list of info. Our collaboration began with something simple: a Pinterest board. It's hard not to draw inspiration from others when the internet is so full of unique and compelling work. I made a board, shared it with the Meg(h)ans and we were off and running. Some snippets:

Polka Dotted Flowers by Piece of Cake // Stars Print by Meera Lee Patel // Takin' Care of Business via The Everygirl // Hunt & Bow Planters // Rocket Ink Florida Print


The next step was far more involved. I really needed to buckle down and write all of the copy you see on the site. I have a background in writing, and while my technical skills have faded since my college newspaper days, I'm still compelled to try to tell the best story possible. I choose most words very carefully, and even if it's not apparent to every single visitor I know that the visitors who love Oh Hello will love the voice behind it. Red Met Yellow set to work on the layout, using the branding they created as inspiration. As a Creative Director, I sent them notes. They edited it almost immediately (I swear, they must have a time machine, that's how fast they are), and before I knew it, we were live. Check out the Oh Hello Events brand inspiration board. I hope it does its job & makes you feel the way it makes me feel (like dancing or throwing confetti).


I'm so grateful to Red Met Yellow for nailing the Oh Hello look, and so thankful for  those who contributed the photos you see on the site. The homepage & wedding shots are by Catherine Ann Photography (more on this special shoot soon!), and all of the photos of me and my people are by Angel He Photography. They are both my lovely friends and collaborators who create swoon-worthy work.

I hope this was a little peek into the why's & how's - Happy Hello'ing & have a lovely Wednesday!