Will you be my Bridesmaid?

A popular stat is that 1/3 of engagements in the US take place between November & February, which means we are officially in engagement season! Who is the first person you will call? Many brides and grooms call their family first, and then are quick to celebrate with friends. While this hilarious photo was making the rounds this week, I was thinking of all the sweet ways you can cushion the excitement of a new engagement for your best friends.


Here are some cutesy phrases for asking your BFFs to accompany you on your wedding day:: 
- I found my man, but I still need my girls!
- Now it's my turn to pop the question - will you be my bridesmaid?
- The best day ever wouldn't be complete without you
- I can't say I Do without YOU!
- No puffy sleeves required- please be by my side! 

To make it even more of a celebration, consider a small gifty to make their day and thank them in advance for their support. Here are some favorites::